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Office Phone Systems

GPO stocks hotel guest room & Office telephones

You might be surprised how many hotels & Offices we supply with retro telephones.

We think it's really important that every hotel guest has a telephone they love. A phone is there, part of the furnishings so that it has a style function, but it's also there as part of the hotel service, making it easy for a guest to keep in touch.

The hotel guest room phone is used for a variety of different purposes. Some request wake up calls, others use it to order room service and they also like to have the landline there, just in case an emergency happens in the night. It's also important to have a landline, as some hotels don't have a mobile connection or might be in a black spot, so a guest can't use their mobile phone to contact people.

A retro telephone adds that extra bit of style, helping a hotel choose a guest room telephone that stands out and means the handset can fit in with the style of the room, rather than standing out too much.

For hotels & Offices choosing a guest room phone or retro office phone, at GPO we offer a range of our products including push button or rotary dial telephones. All are compatible with modern phone lines and could even be used for telephone banking. They have authentic bell rings and come in a range of colours.

For a hotel & office that wants to finish the room in terms of style, a GPO telephones offers a distinctive look and feel. It also helps to fulfil their need in providing a good service for their guests and provide a telephone that makes their stay so much better.